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Meet Patrice 

Speaker ~ Consultant ~ Coach

Speaker, Business Strategist, and Coach, who values dedication, service and excellence.

Patrice McRavin is a renowned Speaker, Business Strategist, and Coach who prioritizes values such as dedication, service, and excellence. Having grown up in NYC and served in the US Active-Duty Air Force, Patrice has gained diverse perspectives over time. Being a first-generation American, she understands the importance of every individual's talents to create positive impact in organizations. Patrice shares her vast real-world experience to inspire people to unlock their full potential.

Over the years, Patrice has worked across various industries such as military, emergency services, healthcare, and entrepreneurship. Her passion lies in empowering clients with the skills, techniques, and self-awareness required to succeed in any market condition.

For Patrice, excellence is not just a final destination but a journey that one embarks on to experience the best life has to offer. If you are seeking to live life on purpose with a clear direction, look no further than Patrice McRavin.

It’s Time to Live Life on Purpose with Purpose!

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